Math EduProtocols


Madeline Hunter set the standard on what elements across all models of instruction maximized student learning. Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern added to our instructional toolkit by creating the EduProtocols. At the intersection of Eduprotocols and Hunter’s lesson design, this page is dedicated to helping math teachers gain insight and resources.

A Protocol Lesson

0-Math EduProtocols v2

A Protocol For Every One of Hunter’s Components

Anticipatory Set

1-Math EduProtocols Templates - Anticipatory Set


2-Math EduProtocols Templates - Input Internet Scavenger Protocol


3-Math EduProtocols Templates - Objective_Purpose Frayer Model Protocol

Guided Practice

4-Math EduProtocols Templates - Guided Practice Cyber Sandwich.jpg

Independent Practice

5-Math EduProtocols Templates - Independent Practice Iron Chef


6-Math EduProtocols Templates - Closure_CFU Mini Pecha Kucha.jpg

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