2017-10-30 Fall Cue Review

Thursday was an incredibly long day, I arrived at work an hour early for some awesome co-planning and co-teaching of a lesson in 7th grade mathematics. After rocking the long day at work, I changed clothes at work before heading to another city to teach an induction class in content specific (mathematics) to secondary teachers.Continue reading “2017-10-30 Fall Cue Review”

2017-06-02 – Day 23 – Last Day

The combination of working on so many things, being pulled in so many directions meant the beginning of summer was especially important to pull back and refill. The last day of school with students, while I would miss our good times together, I have to admit, I was all like…. Especially considering we have anContinue reading “2017-06-02 – Day 23 – Last Day”

2017-05-29 – Day 19 – Mentorship

There are moments in life where you feel like that this must not be real, but in reality, it is. Moments, for example, when you are working side-by-side with your mentors, planning and working through some amazing things and you’re just so happy to be a part of the conversation. I am never more surprisedContinue reading “2017-05-29 – Day 19 – Mentorship”

2017-05-28 – Day 18 – Handy Man

Growing up my father was the mechanic, Mr. Fix-It, and he would fix anything that was broken in life. A few years ago, we found something he couldn’t fix, himself. Suffering an impact trauma to his C6 spinal chord meant he has limited mobility and needs general support daily from family. I do have to say,Continue reading “2017-05-28 – Day 18 – Handy Man”

2017-05-26 – Day 16 – Finals Day

Wow, the day is almost over and the grading is done with all my finals. I always forget how much I dislike grading, especially when looking at student thinking. Today, we had our last of the finals, with one week to go! Something that stood out today that I am so proud about with respectContinue reading “2017-05-26 – Day 16 – Finals Day”

2017-05-25 – Day 15 – Graduation Season 

So this marks the beginning of a very busy graduation season for the next few weeks. Friday, last week, we watched two of my students graduate from college. Today, we watch as my wife’s cousin does the same. We had a hard time finding her, but we did here. A great treat, and much moreContinue reading “2017-05-25 – Day 15 – Graduation Season “

2017-05-21 – Day 11 – Life Affirming

From the high of seeing two students graduating from college on Friday to the devastating news to the loss of a friend on the same night this weekend highlights the extremes of life.  My students and I, the students were in the class of 2017. The family party celebrating my brother-in-law’s graduation from college as well.Continue reading “2017-05-21 – Day 11 – Life Affirming”

2017-05-20 – Day 10 – Sad News

Originally, I had planned to discuss a couple of other things, but I woke this morning to a phone call from a dear friend bearing horrible news: another dear friend, and colleague, had been killed last night. The words seemed to turn my entire body cold, I couldn’t feel anything. The waves of shock andContinue reading “2017-05-20 – Day 10 – Sad News”