20191212 Wonder Dots

This entry is my celebration of some amazing educators that shared their greatness and utterly changed my pedagogy as an educator, learner, and parent.

Getting started, in Max Ray’s Ignite talk “2>4” I learned an important feature of empowering learners is to allow their voice to be heard.

Dan Meyer shares an aha about learning and the structure of mathematics problems.

The amazing Mr. Andrew Stadel took the ideas from Max Ray and Dan Meyer to come up with an awesome new twist.  So, Mr. Stadel put these inspirations into practice and formed an amazing learning experience, which he discusses in his post, here, regarding counting dots, listening to students, and celebrating mathematics.

Falling deeper into the rabbit hole, another amazing math star, Steve Wyborney, has published a series of posts on his blog, highlighting and extending these great ideas.

Starting with his entry on providing space for students to notice and showcase their knowledge.


Steve says, “That’s not enough!” How about 180 ways to make this magic happen with students with premade resources.


Now you’re thinking this can’t get any more amazing, and it does. Like Andrew (Stadel) in his post, Steve shows how to make 9 copies in 10 seconds.


You are now ready for the mic drop moment,  enjoy the ride “Power of Color.”


My celebration is that by sharing we all get a little better every time, and how these amazing educators, especially the work of Steve, transformed both my understanding and wonder of being an educator. I owe them all a huge thank you and I hope they know the impact they are having on math education.

So, please, go check these places out, get all the amazing resources, and let your students benefit.

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