20180221 17:30 Really really really rough draft on leadership

Ryan Smith. From Ryan the core message is to be an “angelic troublemaker” #relentless

Idea for blog is about recent journey understanding the meaning of leadership

If you would have asked me a year ago how important is leadership I would have thought it was important but I wouldn’t have thought it was as important as my journey shows me now.

Leadership is THE change that makes the difference. If you want to affect change you have to leverage leadership.

Simon Sinek helps me understand what a leader is and how it is connected to ones leadership needs to be connected to ones why.

Hamish Brewer helps me to realize that change is slow and challenging, but we must be #relentless. Developing a mentality that is like a gang. We need to be #allin. “How are you going to be better for students today? Tomorrow?”

Adam Welcome showed me how to be better for kids because they deserve our best everyday. #kidsdeserveit #noexcuses. Adam also showed and inspired me through his relentless running to not be afraid to #getyours.

Cori Orlando has taught me the power of being able to #failforward, to stretch and be sticky with your sharing of learning, and pushing yourself to be better despite being uncomfortable.

Jon Corippo has taught me how being tenaciously inspiring and leading through empowering others and challenging them others to step up and be the example.

There are many, many others that added pieces to this story. I know my brain often hurts from thinking about all this, it’s addicting like a challenging problem in nonlinear dynamics it’s hard to see a solution as you are seeing pieces to the puzzle and you know it will lead to something beautiful but the journey is long, hard, and ongoing.

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2 thoughts on “20180221 17:30 Really really really rough draft on leadership

  1. My immediate thought, and I can tell I’ll ponder more, is a leader grows people how they need it. Your post illustrates the seeds of all the facets a leaders needs to be well-developed in order to work alongside their team. That’s just the stream of consciousness right now. It’s evolcing.

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    1. Your point is well articulated that this is a developing consciousness and I love the point that a leader fosters the needs of those in their charge.


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