20171211 #MyWhy

A moment of joy. I have found through this recent journey a way to make sense of my learnings and I am so excited because amazing people in my PLN that I care about are on their own similar journeys and I want to share their stories in parallel to my own.

100 words

A dear PLN and active #MathConceptions friend has been honored as a finalist for teacher of the year (TOTY) and created a challenge for other teachers to follow.

In 100 words, describe why you love teaching and this is my response.

I love teaching because it allows caring adults to positively interact through meaningful relationships to empower the next generation into being better humans by igniting curiosity, fostering empathy, and being mindful of others.

6 Word Sentence

An incredible individual that inspires me daily created this independently and concurrently, further evidence of the awesomeness. So here is my best attempt so far at my 6-word teaching sentence on my why.

Foster better relationships to ignite curiosity.


My own call to action is to share my personal truth through a graphic organizer that Simon Sinek coined the #GoldenCircle and I want to see like-minded individuals to take up the cause and make their own with #MyWhy.

My Why

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