2017-12-04 Learning

Recently, I have been growing and learning in many, many areas, while I was preparing for CMC North, I revisited some ideas and found a rabbit hole that is so very deep. The pathway within this rabbit hole led by Simon Sinek’s famous Ted Talk about starting with your why,  and connected to a variety of other things.

Here are my current learnings

  1. Numberless Word Problems (Brian Stockus)
  2. Clothesline Math (Chris Shore, Andrew Stadel, and Kristen Acosta)
  3. How does a wimpy, nice guy become an inspirational leader (Simon Sinek & others)
  4. #Relentless and #ALLIN and #NoExcuses #RunLAP (Hamish Brewer and Adam Welcome)
  5. Many other smaller avenues…

I am searching for how this all might fit together, the journey of understanding, of growing, of becoming, and realizing I just need to be a little better today than I was yesterday.

Published by mathkaveli

I'm a math geek.

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