2017-10-30 Fall Cue Review

Thursday was an incredibly long day, I arrived at work an hour early for some awesome co-planning and co-teaching of a lesson in 7th grade mathematics. After rocking the long day at work, I changed clothes at work before heading to another city to teach an induction class in content specific (mathematics) to secondary teachers. Although I love learning with new teachers, on this day, with another four hour drive ahead, I was a little apprehensive. The class flew by and it was time to hit the road, time for my secret weapon…my wife had chosen to go with me, and she promised to drive. Now you may think I probably went to sleep after a 13 hour day and now a long drive, but I also had a Twitter chat #MathConceptions to plan for on Monday, which is what I did on the drive up.

Luckily the drive flew by as it turned into one endless streak of lights. Before long we were at the hotel and less than five minutes after check in, I was asleep. The next morning came early, but the excitement of going to Fall Cue was too much to hold me back. My buckets are in desperate need to be refilled, and the amazing folks here are my bucket fillers.

Before the opening keynote, I found the amazing, incredible Karly Moura who offered to share a spot with me, I am so blessed to have these amazing folks in my #PLN. The opening key note with Brad Montague was so empowering and just really set a beautiful tone for the next two days. A perfect example of this chat and how it speaks to me may be found at my friend, Cori Orlando‘s amazing blog here.

Cori, Bill, and I were given the opportunity to be social media representatives for Fall Cue, which meant we had a charge to highlight the amazing things happening at Fall Cue, and share those things with the world…so, you know, no pressure…I certainly didn’t have a breakdown and eat tons of chocolate at every chance…ok, you got me, I am guilty, I’m a chocoholic and any excuse will work. I could spend months talking about the amazing sessions I had the opportunity to witness, but the two I’ll highlight quickly were Karly and Kelly‘s Flipgrid session and Laura Nielsen and Bill Selak‘s Problem Investigators which pushed first graders through a powerful process to investigate and learn about real world problems through solution seeking ways.

All that to say, it is the people of Fall Cue that make the experience, having so many passionate and amazing educators in one place makes the possibilities for what we can do to change the state of education for the betterment of all students so uplifting. Thank you to all who helped make this event possible and for all who let me share their world this weekend. It was so powerful. And like how Brad opened with the perfect message an incredible educator, Pernille Ripp, closed out the event in a powerful, meaningful, and authentic way. I didn’t know Pernille before this moment, and I’m so much better because I can say I know her now.

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