2017-05-29 – Day 19 – Mentorship

There are moments in life where you feel like that this must not be real, but in reality, it is. Moments, for example, when you are working side-by-side with your mentors, planning and working through some amazing things and you’re just so happy to be a part of the conversation. I am never more surprised that I am working alongside my master teachers to plan courses for other teachers. Being able to have an intelligent conversation is the first level, but then being able to contribute in a meaningful way is the whole next level.

After racing home yesterday, I had to meet up with my mentor, and we had an amazing discussion for two hours. We were reflecting on our course, looking at what went well and what we could grow in. If we get the chance to do it again, we’ll definitely make some small changes, but it is truly an epic adventure, we learned a lot going through.

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