2017-05-28 – Day 18 – Handy Man

Growing up my father was the mechanic, Mr. Fix-It, and he would fix anything that was broken in life. A few years ago, we found something he couldn’t fix, himself. Suffering an impact trauma to his C6 spinal chord meant he has limited mobility and needs general support daily from family. I do have to say, his attitude and ability to cope with this tragedy saved us all, so this is not a pity story, but a story of growing and admiration.

My dad has always been that stabilizing force in my life, and I have continuously relied upon him for calming the turbulence of life. That being said, I was never forced to learn how to fix things as a kid, as Mr. Fix-It would always take care of it, but now that I’m the able-bodied adult in the family, I am becoming Mr. Fix-It. Wish, if you knew me, I’m like…


…so it is with great pride that I say that I fixed multiple things this day with tools and it felt great. Time, careful observations, and all the fun of fixing something marked this day as a personal victory.

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