2017-05-22 – Day 12 – Creating My First 3 Act With Friends

On the Twitters, what started out as a general comment about snacks and a shared love of eating said snacks had lead to a collaboration of creating our ever 3 Act Math Task. The collaboration is awe inspiring and I’m looking forward to this new endeavor. I even asked the master, Mr. Dan Meyer, andContinue reading “2017-05-22 – Day 12 – Creating My First 3 Act With Friends”

2017-05-21 – Day 11 – Life Affirming

From the high of seeing two students graduating from college on Friday to the devastating news to the loss of a friend on the same night¬†this weekend highlights the extremes of life.¬† My students and I, the students were in the class of 2017. The family party celebrating my brother-in-law’s graduation from college as well.Continue reading “2017-05-21 – Day 11 – Life Affirming”