2017-05-20 – Day 10 – Sad News

Originally, I had planned to discuss a couple of other things, but I woke this morning to a phone call from a dear friend bearing horrible news: another dear friend, and colleague, had been killed last night.

The words seemed to turn my entire body cold, I couldn’t feel anything. The waves of shock and disbelief washed over me like the incoming tide, I am drowning in it.

All day I have been replaying those wonderful moments, those moments of shared laughter, of being geeks together, owning it, and enjoying our shared love of geekiness.

I admired the transformation of my friend, from this quiet, no-nonsense kind-of-guy, to the type who would yell back at me across a crowded parking lot, running toward each other to embrace in a giant hug of friendship.

I will miss those encounters, I will miss the countless times I just stopped by to share a thought, I will miss our conversations, I will miss our hugs, I will miss that dry laugh that rose with each crescendo of reverberating laughter: I am going to miss my friend.

I apologize for the depressing news, forgive me as I am processing through this day. My friend, you will be missed, forever in our hearts, you are a light in this world that was put out way to early. RIP

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