2017-05-11 – Day 1 – Today It Begins

So I’ve been hesitating on starting this blogging thing again, but thanks to my amazing PLN and  #ElemMathChat I’m ending the 2016-17 school year with an entry a day. So here’s my new learning from #CUEBOLD, when the amazing Ann Kozma (@annkozma723) took the time to show me SnapChat, which she did an amazing job recording the learning from the time there. I’m learning this while blogging so I’m putting them together here…along with many other new learnings…you know this is a good time to blog every day…so many things to share. Thanks #ElemMathChat (;

Update to Original Posting 2017-05-12….early…too dang early.

The lesson went quite well, having students collaborate and share their findings is always more exciting than listening to their teacher, besides you can see in the photo below, I get to practice my sweet dance moves.


I love learning new ways to capture and record learning, I think this is one tool that I might fall in love with. Especially as part of the amazing #PLN at #ElemMathChat some of us are going to blog every day until the last day of school, which is June 2nd here.  See you later today with another new learning and I’m probably going to be recording it via SnapChat…oh one surprise, this same glass has a mystery guest today…and it’s going to be so amazing!

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