Bottoms Up to Conceptually Understanding Numbers

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The concept of 10 more/less is a beast in the primary grades.  Last week I realized that I’ve been feeding the monster that I’m continually trying to defeat. Almost every day, in every K-2 classroom across the United States students encounter this guy: I made a conscious effort to…

Continents, Math Explorers’ Club, and “I use math for…”

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Welcome to this week’s Math Munch! Steven Strogatz. All of our munches this week come from the recent tweets of mathematician, author, and friend of the blog Steven Strogatz. Steve works at Cornell University as an applied mathematician, tackling questions like “If people shared taxis with strangers, how much money could be saved?”…

Fractions, Sam Loyd, and a MArTH Journal

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Welcome to this week’s Math Munch! Check out this awesome graph: What is it?  It’s a graph of the Farey Fractions, with the denominator of the (simplified) fraction on the vertical axis and the value of the fraction on the horizontal axis, made by mathematician and professor at Wheelock College Debra K.…

Technology Enhanced in Math Lesson

What an exciting time to be a teacher, a student, and a learner! I have a tentative understanding, at best, of human nature, but I do believe that most people find change uncomfortable and difficult to deal with both emotionally and intellectually. I am not immune to these feelings, but I like change. I likeContinue reading “Technology Enhanced in Math Lesson”