2017-06-02 – Day 23 – Last Day

The combination of working on so many things, being pulled in so many directions meant the beginning of summer was especially important to pull back and refill. The last day of school with students, while I would miss our good times together, I have to admit, I was all like….


Especially considering we have an epic road trip planned to return us to the great northern reaches of this continent that I haven’t been to in over 16 years. So this summer….


….epic road trip is going to be amazing! I wish everyone a happy summer, I will be off the grid for most of that time, and be all like…



2017-06-01 – Day 22 – Report Cards

Following a great recipe from The Classroom Chefs, I wanted to give my students the opportunity to grade me and to make a note to warn my future students what to expect from a class taught by me.

My premise is simple, the students were asked to fill out an anonymous template that graded me from A to F, but I also required that whatever grade they gave me, they had to have a reason(s) for it. Although I had tried similar ideas in prior years, with the Chefs’ this explicit process, the differences in results are stunning. The chefs had warned us that the results may not be what you expect, and some of the results my

The chefs had warned us that the results may not be what you expect, and some may be quite surprising….there is a lot of truth, both in the positive and the negative of this comment. I am so happy for the experience and learning a lot about perceptions from this experience. Growing is sometimes painful, and that is how we get better.

2017-05-30 – Day 20 – First Rep

One of the things I was excited about trying out is two new learnings: The splat series from Steve Wyborney and the numberless word problems from Brian Stockus. Here is my chance to do the first rep with another class….mind you this is the last week of school, a minimum day, and I’m playing the part of a substitute.

Here’s the first view….

2017-05-29 – Day 19 – Mentorship

There are moments in life where you feel like that this must not be real, but in reality, it is. Moments, for example, when you are working side-by-side with your mentors, planning and working through some amazing things and you’re just so happy to be a part of the conversation. I am never more surprised that I am working alongside my master teachers to plan courses for other teachers. Being able to have an intelligent conversation is the first level, but then being able to contribute in a meaningful way is the whole next level.

After racing home yesterday, I had to meet up with my mentor, and we had an amazing discussion for two hours. We were reflecting on our course, looking at what went well and what we could grow in. If we get the chance to do it again, we’ll definitely make some small changes, but it is truly an epic adventure, we learned a lot going through.

2017-05-28 – Day 18 – Handy Man

Growing up my father was the mechanic, Mr. Fix-It, and he would fix anything that was broken in life. A few years ago, we found something he couldn’t fix, himself. Suffering an impact trauma to his C6 spinal chord meant he has limited mobility and needs general support daily from family. I do have to say, his attitude and ability to cope with this tragedy saved us all, so this is not a pity story, but a story of growing and admiration.

My dad has always been that stabilizing force in my life, and I have continuously relied upon him for calming the turbulence of life. That being said, I was never forced to learn how to fix things as a kid, as Mr. Fix-It would always take care of it, but now that I’m the able-bodied adult in the family, I am becoming Mr. Fix-It. Wish, if you knew me, I’m like…


…so it is with great pride that I say that I fixed multiple things this day with tools and it felt great. Time, careful observations, and all the fun of fixing something marked this day as a personal victory.

2017-05-27 – Day 17 – Long Run Days

This morning I was out the door by 6:15 for a three hour run. My thoughts wandered along the way but I kept coming back to the idea of the power of threes in things that we do. Looking at this now maybe 3 way in my head as the time I had to run for, but I just see it in some many ways and really enjoy that number. 

The views were amazing and the run was spectacular. I love long run days, I am all…

I don’t love how your body lets you know in little ways how different parts exist from pain.  Good times.